Why buy $AoE?

Those tweets have massive repercussions, traditional market, top 10 crypto, and shitcoins are heavily impacted by our great leader Elon Musk.
Many investors, choose to buy into newly minted tokens after each tweet, to get maximum profit...
We all know that fortune favors the brave, but that doesn't come without risks.
That is why, at Age Of Elon, we decided to give YOU, the opportunity to invest in ONE single token which will do just that. FOLLOW THE HYPE. We developed a smart contract with a name changing function, and we will let our community decide on which name is best for the token based on Elon's tweets.
Cycle of tweets Hype - Age of Elon Mechanics
NFT's will get minted after each tweet, will be sold on our marketplace for $BNB, the major part, after paying our artists, will then be bridged to do buybacks and refill our staking contract to create a sustainable project for our beloved community.
Last but not least, we will also do buybacks along the way to help keep a blissful chart and get an higher % of APY by refilling the staking contract.
Every single tweet, is an opportunity for you to make money!
With one single token, $AOE! Don't look any further, and grab yourself a bag now!
Last modified 9mo ago