$AoE Whitepaper

Every tweet from Elon marks a new era and a bullish sentiment.

Supply, tokenomics, and funding

The total supply of $AOE is 420 000 000, a breakdown of the whole amount will be made, in such a way to create, stable sustainability and the best yields.
The taxes will be broken down in 3 ways:
1- 1% tax will go towards liquidity, to ensure a smoother experience for our investors when buying and selling.
2- 2% tax will go towards a buyback wallet, we will let our community vote with polls on when to do the buybacks to fill our staking contract. The more $AOE tokens in the staking contract the higher the APY will be.
3- 5% tax will go towards marketing and development, to ensure a sustainable experience for our investors and do some aggressive marketing that will pump $AOE to new highs.
We tried to keep taxes as low as possible, we do have big plans, and going big on marketing isn't cheap. We care about our community, we will do our BEST to mark history with $AOE.
Last modified 1yr ago